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Honeymoon in Brussels

The growing fascination for Europe as a dream honeymoon destination is rising high everyday. Brussels, the capital of Belgium is one such exotic destination in Europe, which is amongst the top places for a romantic gateway in Europe. Since Brussels is the administrative centre of the European Union, it is also called the Capital of Europe. Brussels is a cosmopolitan city and you can find people from all over the world residing here.

Accommodation in Brussels:

On your Honeymoon in Brussels, you can choose to reside in any of the luxury hotels that are refine, beautiful and amazingly striking. Brussels has a collection of the world's best accommodation options, including the finest hotels for a Brussels honeymoon. You can choose a hotel on the basis of their facilities, location and accessibility. Besides, you can find a hotel as per the price range, such as a business class, or budget hotel. Most hotels in Brussels ensure quality accommodation that meets your standards.

Travel Essentials in Brussels

Weather in Brussels is very damp with a high rainfall that goes to an average of approximately 200 days of rainfall per year, which is why you shouls always be prepared for rain in Brussels. Warm clothes are a must while packing for Honeymoon in Brussels.

Places to visit in Brussels

The quaint streets, lively squares, beautiful avenues, monuments, and gardens make Brussels a happening destination. In addition, the cozy cafés, restaurants and a city life that is full of adventure and culture adds to the flavor.

The various landmarks that you cannot skip during your Honeymoon in Brussels are the Grand Place-Grote Market, Manneken Pis, Parc du Cinquantenaire-Jubelpark, Atomium, Mini-Europe, Statue of Europe, Museums and Galleries, and a number of breweries.

The city of Brussels is said to be a multicultural city full of contrasts. The foodies would simply love the city for its fine food, Belgian beer and café culture. This is a great place for chocolates lovers as they can shop for lot of chocolates along with other things. Brussels has a lot of artistic taste and architectural gems to admire along with its immensely beautiful monuments. Grand Place, a Unesco-listed monument is one such popular attraction of the city.

Your Brussels Honeymoon Package would let you enjoy all these and much more during your Honeymoon in Brussels.