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Honeymoon in China

Honeymoon is one of the most awaited events for a newly married couple, which they await eagerly. Honeymoon in China offers plethora of excitement and fun that makes it an eventful vacation to be remember forever.

China has innumerable honeymoon destinations spread evenly across the country that couples can choose to visit. Locations in China are serene and close to nature. China has it all that is required for a couple 'in love' to have fun. The country has beautiful unspoiled beaches, green forests, historical landmarks and an exciting city life to make it a memorable Honeymoon in China.

Accommodation in China:

In china, you will get fine accommodation in star rated hotels at exotic locations, fabulous resorts, and cozy guest rooms etc. A China Honeymoon Package would include along with fabulous accommodation, sightseeing tours, fine dining and transportation arrangements. Most hotels have English-speaking attendants to serve you best, while in some you might have to try hard to find English-speaking workers.

Luxury stay in maximum China hotels comes with indoor swimming pool, fitness center, and on site dining options. For low budget couples, there are many Standards range hotels, roadside inns and guesthouses for convenient accommodation.

Travel Essentials in China:

Apply for Passports and related paperwork soon after planning your trip China Honeymoon as it might take some time. Pack wisely and attach tags on your luggage so that you don't miss them or mix them during your tour. Take care of your documents and keep scan copies of important paper on email.

Places to visit in China:

With popular cities like Beijing, Guangzhou, Xian, Lhasa, Hangzhou, Chengdu, Shanghai, Guilin, Sanya, and Hong Kong, the country makes it ideal for planning your honeymoon in China. Beijing, the capital boasts of strong cultural landmarks. Guangzhou is a beautiful city to spend your honeymoon. Guilin offers some breath-taking natural scenery whereas Hangzhou is famous for its historic buildings and silk industry. Shanghai is a great shopping destination, whereas Suzhou is the place with long stretches of canals and beautiful gardens.

The Great Wall of China is another spectacle that cannot be missed along with sites like the Five Great Mountains and sacred sites like Mogao Carves, Dazu Rock Carvings, Yungang Grottoes etc., which combine as other great attractions that you must watch during your honeymoon in China.