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Prague Honeymoon

Honeymoon is one time of your life when you leave everyone behind for an experience that lasts with you for life. It is the time when you want to do everything you had dreamt of and that you haven't done so far. Prague is one such place where you can simply let loose and absorb all the fun and romance of the city. From admiring historic monuments, to the beautiful castles to tasting the famous beer of the city, Prague gives you enough opportunities to live life king-size during your Honeymoon in Prague.

Accommodation in Prague

For accommodation, there is no shortage of beautiful, luxurious and most splendid hotels in the city along with budget accommodations for the ones with limited pockets. For your Prague Honeymoon Package, you can try the elaborate suites or the roof terrace rooms or even try bed and breakfast accommodation for your stay. The suites of Prague hotels offer panoramic views and most of the hotels here are specially selected for their unique features and luxury accommodation that specially suit Prague Honeymoon couples with most exclusive spa, beach and golf destinations.

Travel Essentials in Prague

Prague generally enjoys a warm weather and the duration between May and September are marked as good time to visit Prague. The public-transport system of Prague is very systematic and good, which makes it easy for you to explore the city and the surroundings during your Honeymoon in Prague.

Places to visit in Prague

With fairy tale ambience and some stunning views, Prague has gained the reputation of being one of Europe's leading tourist destinations. During your Honeymoon in Prague, don't forget to enjoy the city's famous beer, visit the combination of stunning architectures, the castles, and the medieval buildings of the Old Town amongst other things.

Also visit the green parks, vivacious bars and beer gardens, along with music clubs, museums and art galleries. Music is one of the most popular and favorite pastimes of the people here and the city showcases some great concerts in the colossal concert halls of the city.