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Germany Honeymoon

Germany is a lively country known for its all time favorite Beer and wine. The popularity of the German beer can be figured by the popularity of its annual Oktoberfest that receives wide-ranging visitors from across the world. German Wine, on the other hand, is widely exported worldwide and is liked by all wine lovers. The country is also renown for its beautiful landscape and picturesque cities and towns. All this and much more make it the best for couples to head towards the country for a honeymoon in Germany.

Accommodation in Germany

Germany offers a wide range of accommodations to suit every taste and pocket of couples who want to enjoy a Germany Honeymoon. Ranging from Luxury hotels, resorts to holiday apartments, and low budgeted hotels, you will find hotels of every category in Germany.

Other than hotels, you can also seek to stay at the guesthouses and inns in Germany, or in bed and breakfast accommodation as well. Moreover, there is a wide range of holiday village houses, camping sites and farm holiday accommodation options available as part of Germany Honeymoon Packages.

Travel Essentials in Germany

Honeymoon in Germany can be planned any time is the year. But the best time to visit the country is also decided on the basis of the kind of holiday you are looking for. May and September, being the summer, is the peak season and becomes too much crowded. The main attraction of summer is the beer gardens, festivals and outdoor events.

March to May and October to November with pleasant weather brings smaller crowds. November to March is the time for winter sports, whereas the ski season starts in early to mid-December and lasts till March.

Places to visit in Germany

Germany with its gorgeous vine-covered valleys spread across the country serves as a great destination for honeymoon in Germany. The beauty of the country can also be seen in its Castles, beaches, countryside and so on. Be it Berlin, the vibrant capital or Munich, the center of national traditions, cities in Germany boasts of some of Europe's best in terms of beauty, sophistication, entertainment and culture.

The country also offers some great outdoor activities like skiing Alpine peaks, and hiking in the forests, which you would enjoy during your honeymoon in Germany.