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Honeymoon in North Africa

North Africa has some of the beautiful destinations, which are counted amongst popular places for honeymoon and family vacations. North Africa mainly constitute of countries like Algeria, Libya, Egypt, Morocco, South Sudan, Sudan, Tunisia and Western Sahara amongst others. All these countries have their own unique beauty and attraction that make them popular North Africa Honeymoon destinations. The popularity of Egypt is well known. This destination has been appealing and attracting honeymooners since a very long time now. Besides, countries like Morocco, Libya and Algeria are also gaining popularity.

If you plan your honeymoon in North Africa, you must decide on visiting a few destinations, which are counted as the best places in Africa. Some such places include Marrakech and Fes in Morocco, Luxor, Alexandria, and Aswan in Egypt, Tunis in Tunisia and so on.

How to reach and Best time to visit in North Africa:

North African countries can be reached from any part of the world via well-connected airways. There are many options of reaching countries like Egypt, Morocco, Libya, Algeria etc., as they offer good connections with many European countries as well as Asian and American countries. Moreover, you can grab attractive deals to reach Cairo, Rabat and other beautiful destinations of Egypt and Morocco.

March to May is considered as the suitable time to visit most parts of North Africa. However, depending on the country that you want to go for your North Africa Honeymoon tour, the best visiting time might vary.

Accommodation and Dining Options in North Africa:

Accommodation in most popular tourist destinations in North Africa is good and suits every pocket. As per your requirement, you can book rooms in 3, 4, or 5 star hotels in these cities. The cities in Egypt and Morocco offer accommodation options for everyone in the wide variety of hotels available. In addition, most of these cities also have resorts, discount hotels, and inns to accommodate large flocks of tourists coming here. For honeymooners, there are many special North Africa Honeymoon Packages that you can avail in the lovely honeymoon destinations of Egypt and Morocco amongst others.

Special Honeymoon attractions in North Africa

North African romantic honeymoon can never be complete if you do not visit the popular attractions of Egypt like the Sphinx, the Nile, the ancient city of Luxor, the pyramids, the minarets, the Red Sea and much more, which describes the glorious past of the country. In fact, the scope of Egypt is magnificent. Moreover, the Moroccan cities like Marrakesh, Fez and Casablanca are also counted in beautiful destinations for honeymoon.

In addition, Tunisia's desert trips and a visit to Siwa Oasis of Egypt are also recommended. Safari in the magical land of Morocco, cruising through the river Nile, trekking the wilderness of North Africa, all this and much more awaits honeymooners and other vacationers in North Africa.