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Honeymoon in Kauai

Kauai is said to be the oldest and the fourth largest of the main Hawaiian Islands. Popularly known as the 'Garden Isle', this region is complete with lush natural beauty, and the glorious jade temple of the Pacific Ocean. Besides, this honeymoon destination is perfect for hiking and kayaking, outdoor activities, and for an ideal Kauai honeymoon. Kauai is also great place for art lovers as it stores some wonderful art galleries.

Accommodation in Kauai

For accommodation during your honeymoon in Kauai, there are ample resorts including some fabulous spa resorts. Also there are many luxury hotels, villas, beach clubs, island inns, beach bungalows and so on. There are also many bed and breakfast hotels, guesthouses available at reasonable price in Kauai. A nicely selected Kauai honeymoon Package can help you in choosing the best accommodation in the best location with all the comfort for your Kauai honeymoon.

When to visit Kauai

Kauai seems little isolated than the other islands. It possesses a landscape, which beautifies this island. Kauai is best visited during two main seasons including from mid-December to Easter and again from mid-June to the time of Labor Day. The place receives most visitors in August and during the Christmas holidays. Kauai honeymoon destination is a one-stop destination for travelers who want to explore this exotic south pacific region.

Places of Interest in Kauai

Kauai is a paradise for photographers and has also been a popular location for movie shooting. This smallest but oldest of the main Hawaiian Islands is full of adventure, sightseeing and scenic beach locations.

Kauai honeymoon offers a good mix of sunny seaside towns, golf courses, landmark attractions and rivers, stunning coastlines, and secluded beaches. In addition, you also have excellent hiking trails, unusual canyons, Helicopter and sailing tours, breathtaking scenic beauty and so on.

If you plan you go for a Kauai honeymoon during the off-season, you are expected to get better prices along with easy lodging, camping sites, hiking trails are so on.