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Honeymoon in Niagara Falls

'Wow', 'Awesome', 'Beautiful' are some of the words that come out of your mouth when you first glance at Niagara Falls. This picture perfect location is at present one of the most frequently visited honeymoon destinations in the world receiving over 14 million visitors annually. Niagara Falls is situated at Niagara River at the international border of two states namely, Canadian State of Ontario and US State of New York. Honeymoon in Niagara Falls is a dream that most couples want to fulfill after marriage. If you have also been dreaming of taking your partner to Niagara Falls honeymoon, you must read on to make your dream a huge success.

How to reach and Best time to visit in Niagara Falls:

The best way for a Niagara Falls Honeymoon tour is to fly to either Toronto in Ontario or to Buffalo in New York. The International airport at Toronto is about 125 km from Rainbow Bridge, whereas Buffalo's international airport is merely 41 km from Rainbow Bridge, which is 35 minutes drive from the Niagara Falls. You can rent a taxi, book a car, or board a shuttle to reach the falls from the airport.

The Falls can be visited any time of the year as it opens 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. However, mid May to mid September is considered the best weather for your visit. The Niagara Falls also looks great during fall foliage period from the beginning to mid of October and also during the entire winter season.

Accommodation and Dining Options in Niagara Falls:

As far as stay is considered, it is better to stay put somewhere close to the Falls to get the full advantage of your Niagara Falls Romantic Honeymoon. There are many lodges and hotels nearby where you can stay during your visit. In addition, you can also choose one of the many luxury hotels located within the city of Ontario for your stay.

For food, you can turn to the innumerable fast-food joints, motels and other restaurants close to the Falls.

Special Honeymoon attractions  in Niagara Falls:

It is said that Napoléon's brother brought his bride here on their honeymoon and ever since this location has become a popular honeymoon site, which has been going for ages now.

Not considering the season or the time of the day, the Niagara Falls never fails to awe its visitors. Besides, there are many casinos and cheesy tourist attractions being initiated to further stimulate guests as part of the Niagara Falls Honeymoon Packages.

Niagara Falls is such a pleasure sight for the eyes that everyone must see it at least once in a lifetime. And what could be the better time to visit it than for your honeymoon with your newly married partner.