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Honeymoon in UK

United Kingdom is a cluster of some beautiful and charming locations and destinations that ranges from a plethora of castles, lovely cities, and views. Even the towns and villages in UK offer great scenic views of quaint hamlets. Visiting the museums, art galleries, royal palaces, zoos, gardens and theme parks in England, Scotland and Wales are your options to explore and have fun during your honeymoon in UK.

Accommodation in UK:

Being a popular and one of the most visited parts of the world, United Kingdom undoubtedly has significant accommodation options that you would love to stay in during UK Honeymoon. Destinations like London are such beauty that couples want to visit them again and again. In fact, London is an all time favorite of one and all. London Honeymoon is also very popular and best option for the new couple. This city has some of world's popular luxury hotels that would take your breath away. Other cities in UK like Edinburgh, Birmingham, Cambridge, Oxford, Nottingham, etc also offer great stay facilities with luxury amenities for your UK Honeymoon Packages.

When to visit UK:

The weather in UK is more varied than the weather of other countries. The main reason for this varied weather is its geographical location. The summer season from early June to mid September is warm, dry and regarded as the perfect time to visit the United Kingdom. Late March to late May is the rainy time. But since it doesn't rain continuously, the weather gets warmer in between the rain showers. Autumn starts from late September to mid November and is the time when the season changes. This is the time when UK looks most beautiful and picturesque.

When planning your Honeymoon in UK, it is imperative to bring enough clothes for different weather conditions including warm, cold, and wet weather.

Places of Interest in UK:

Scotland is a beautiful destination with its dozens of fabulous museums and galleries that you must explore during UK Honeymoon. London is a beautiful city with numerous places to see and activities to do. The Tower of London is a magnificent example of Norman military architecture. Hadrian's Wall is a World Heritage site, and the Natural History Museum exhibits some astonishing natural collections.

Moreover, there are many family beaches in Britain's coastline, and the beautiful castles can also not be missed during your Honeymoon in UK.